Who exactly is Barbara Shakti

Barbara Shakti is a composite name representing aspects of feminine Divinity, both actual and abstract from a few different traditions 

Barbara refers to Saint Barbara (d.c.200 CE), an Amazonian Catholic saint depicted as bearing a sword and wearing a fortress shaped crown, maybe not too disimilar to the canaanite Goddess ------. She actually may not have been a Saint, but instead a figure emerging from a popular yearning for the Goddess or Goddesses of antiquity (Cassels encyclopedia of queer myth and mythology). Amazonian in this context could be posited to mean Libyan, as some historians believe Libya was the country of Amazonian women, other historians believe Amazons inhabited the area now known as the near middle east

Saint Barbara is believed to control lightening and electrical storms.She is considered gender variant or transgendered by many practitioners of folk Catholicism and by practitioners of Santeria, where she is syncretized with the "macho male God of lightening Shango. Barbara is the patron Saint of drummers,architects,construction workers, fire fighters of all genders,miners and others.Protecting her faithful against fire and lightening and invigorating them with creativity, she is feted on December 4th.


Shakti represents a variety of meanings mainly from south East Asian origin. One such representation is the Great Hindu Goddess Shakti,  sometimes known as Parvati,  the feminine nature/aspect/counterpart to Shiva.

Taoists refer to Shakti as the feminine or yin energy in general wherever it is discovered. Shakti also is used to describe the concept of the coiled snake at the base of the spine known as kundalini or sexual/creative energy.  Shakti when refered to Ganesha the Hindu elephant God means Feminine emanations of an androgynous being.

Whilst on the subject of feminine manifestations of the Divine, the wall paper on this site is the sublime Hindu Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of music and wisdom.