How to be A Barbie Shakti Priestess

codes and conduct for righteous living

Anyone can be a Priestess.

There are no set rites and codes to learn except the ones we already know deep in our consciousness, but here are some tips and invitations :

Firstly:  imagining Goddess, is an act of creation.

Secondly: Being Goddess, or one of the many living representations of Goddess is an act of empowerment and can inspire us to live with a sense of humility, awe and service to humanity and to this planet.. As we embody our own notions of Goddess it is also important to honour and respect the diversity of people who are known as women's  experiences and imaginings, both within a religious framework or without, and from many varied cultural backgrounds and identities.

Thirdly: Be conscious of the fact that your body is sacred and deserves to be nurtured, honoured and respected. That your monthly rhythms are sacred and to be enjoyed as a source of power. In ancient times, women were considered holders of awesome Power because they bled, but didn't die. Its' a good idea to try and hang with women friends at the time of your monthly bleedings, or at the time when maybe you would be bleeding, like at the dark moon.

Fourthly : A women's or a transpersons yoni, or genitals represents the gateway to other worlds, and is key to our spirituality. We all come through this gateway to be born into this world, and are all familiar with the taste and smell of this part of the body. To be taught negatively sexualized taboos on this part of our collective and individual bodies is a travesty. In many religious traditions colour is associated with different priestly functions, sects, tribes and houses. Sometimes colours are used for different days of the week. It is traditional for head coverings to be worn to signify religious beliefs and positions, the head being closest to "God" who is outside and above. In honour of the sacredness and life giving power of our yoni's, and their pleasure giving gifts,  Barbara Shakti invites every women to wear a different colour pair of knickers for everyday of the week*

FifthlyHonour your sexuality and sexual expression ( whatever your sexuality or your sexual preferences), in a way that empowers and liberates you as long as it is consensual and ethical and makes you feel  happy and nourished. 

 Sixthly: Try and eat vibrant locally sourced vegetarian/vegan/raw food. If meat is to be eaten,  do so with humility and gratitude. know that you could kill that animal yourself, recognising  and blessing that animal for giving up it's life as a sacrifice for your existance and well being.

Seventhly: Find time to meditate, even if it is for 15 minutes a day. A time for quiet reflection or simply being aware of the process of breathing

Eighthly : Fresh Air, sunlight, exercise and a commitment to being happy

Ninethly: Practise compassion, practise giving, practise music, practise boundary setting, practise honoring yourself, practise body rituals, practise dancing, hugging and singing.

                                   Take time to tread lightly on the earth.


* COLOUR CODES: you are welcome to use these colour codes, taken from and reclaimed from existing religions or you can create your own .

monday:  yellow

Tuesday: green

: purple or brown

Thursday: blue

Friday :   black

Saturday white

Sunday   red