"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge". Einstein.

Imagining the kind of world we want to live in is the first step to creating it. Thought precedes Action.

 Imagine a world of equality for all, where life force/cosmic force/ divinity is to be found in humans,animals,sentient Be-ings, trees, plants.

Imagine the world you want to live in, a world of respect and care and dynamic action for the good of all the inhabitants of this earth, and feed, water and nurture this vision.

The future and the Power is held in the Realms of the Imaginary, and we can all create there. If enough of us are focusing on healthy, holistic equality then it will likely happen. learn to negate /delete thoughts that dont serve the Greater good of all concerned. Put simply if enough girls, women, boys and men, start actively imagining a world where our human concept of God is representative of the Diversity of humankind, and it's many cultures, ethnicities, genders and sexualities we liberate ourselves from an exclusive one gendered one cultured perspective on Divinity and widen the concept as well as our own understanding of a spirituality based on Love and acceptance of ourselves and others   

Divinity has traditionally been seen to exist outside and above us.  By looking within and celebrating our own body, we connect to our own source of Divinity.



A Living Altar Ritual

Here is a simple Ritual we invite you to share courtesy of Jessica Montgomery from the We'Moon diary 2002 :


My Body is an altar in the temple that is Earth. I cast the circle inward, carry it as the sun arcs across the sky, lay it under the stars each night, dreaming the next world into being. I cast the circle inward : do it with me. Rub palms together to make heat and bring them to rest on you deep belly, raising the power of the earth. Call the ancestors, feeling the momentum of every act of kinship ever risked, every tribal bond. Know what the stones know, what the animals and green things know. Deepen your connection to the matrix. Bring groundedness into the bones of this temple. Lay your hot hands on your solar plexus, raising the power of fire. Feel righteous desire leap like a flame being fed. Harvest purpose and beauty from the Life Tree in high summer. Make the world you need from rhythm and rage. Bring passion into cells of this temple. Lay your hot hands on your heart,raising the power of water. Flow easily, tumbling or lazy, across the landscape of longing: the ocean of love receives every stream. Quench thirst with the purest nectar, no matter what the cup. Bring devotion into the blood of this temple. Lay your hot hands on your throat, raising the power of air. Know full force your imagination, your capacity to create and inform. Sing the song of the planet and her people, a bright clear note of hope. Delight in renewal: ceaseless, ceaseless. Bring inspiration into the breath of this temple. Lay your hot hands on your crown,raising the power of a spirit born directly from the Earth. Offer thanks; offer yourself. Blessed Be.