Who or What is the Divine Feminine?  How do we find her?


 Image by Beth Budesheim We moon 2006

Embracing the highest expressions of the Divine Feminine is no longer wishful thinking. It is an evolutionary imperative. The energy is available, and embodying the feminine polarity of our soul is required to successfully move into the Aquarian age. - Guru Rattana Kaur 


 The most important message on this website is the important fact that you already embody the Divine Feminine.  You are a living, walking, breathing Priestess of your own temple and a custodian of your body.  If the body is not sacred, than what is? 


Organised religious practices of Islam, Judaism, Christianity only give Divinity to one gender of Humanity and often women can only access that Divinity mediated through a male figure, either a God or their Priest or Husband. For many of us, who reject these ideas, the answer has been to become atheist, to find comfort in the non mystical material world of logic and absolutes. Logic and absolutes though deny the presence of Divinity, and it is this re claiming, re-imagining Divinity that will engender respect and co-operation with all living things on this earth.

The answer now is for everyone to reclaim a sense of our own living spirituality, by knowing that "God" is made in our own image, who-ever we are, and whatever our gender, be that female, transexual or male, whatever our culture, and to also accept that everyone else however different they appear to us, also embodies Divinity  

It's time to have the best of all worlds now. Time for compassion to temper and balance passion. Time for the oppressed and downtrodden to Rise. Time for all of us in cultures still under the influence of outmoded masculinist religions to create our own futures by Priestessing our selves, our Bodies and our planet, whether that is from within these religions or from without.

By reclaiming the Divine Feminine we can also embrace the invitation of Eros, music, dance, body pleasure and ritual simply for the beauty of Be-ing and celebration of sharing this Earth together.


 Sublimations of the Divine Feminine

There are numerous examples of The Divine Feminine within existing organised Abrahamic Religions, though a Divine Feminine vastly reduced in agency, autonomy and creative powers. The Bible ( in Deuteronomy) was very specific in it's instructions to eradicate all places of worship and practices, and the people who practised any other religion but Judiasm, and many myths evolved to justify the necessity of obliterating the Goddess and the position of women as embodiements of the Divine. It is thus not suprisingthat the main bodies of these Religions are very resistant to embracing an integrated and fully representative concept of "God" ,  as it threatens a 2500 year tradition of gender assymetry and co-dependancy. It is important to note though, that the translations we have had of the Bible, and the rewrites that occured throughout history, often overlooked or deliberately excluded references to women embodying Divinity, the sacred feminine, or Goddess herself.


Here is an example of an early representation of the Divine Feminine within a Christian text 

For I am the first and the last.

I am the honored one, and the scorned.

I am the whore and the holy one.

I am the wife and the virgin.

I am the mother, the daughter,

and every part of both.

I am the barren one who has borne many sons.

I am she whose wedding is great

and I have not accepted a husband.

I am the midwife and the childless one,

the easing of my own labor.

I am the bride and the bridegroom

and my husband is my father.

I am the mother of my father,

the sister of my husband;

my husband is my child.


The Gnostic Gospels of the Nag Hammadi written sometime between the 2nd-4th Centuries

 This exerpt is taken from Women in Praise of the Sacred. 43 centuries of spiritual poetry by women . Edited by Jane Hirshfield 1994

There will be texts added about the holy stone, Sophia,  Chochmah, and other sublimations of the Goddess within organised masculinist religions in the next time.