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ONE LOVE           


 ISIS I sis notes that the hijacking of Spirituality by religion and man made laws, often at odds with the laws of nature do not serve our planet anymore in these times of changing consciousness.


Most religions of the western world and near middle east have their inspirational beliefs and creeds of love, yet somehow have managed to create structures which are built on genocide, inequality, sexism, mysogyny, racism and homophobia, and encourage ideas of separateness and elitism.

The purpose of Barbie Shakti is to encourage  a living sense of spirituality and consciousness that is all inclusive;  liberation of our idea of what and who God is, both from within and without these organised religions;  and restore a balanced, equal and wholistic representation of women/man and all those of inbetween genders, as well as spiritual connection to this beautiful earth and her inhabitants,


Aims of Barbie Shakti:



* To facilitate the integration of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, through reclamation of the Divine Feminine, in order to realise and liberate the Divine Androgyne.



* To support the presence of the Woman within everyone (regardless of gender) and the Sacredness of Womanhood -  and it's meanings to different women.


* To encourage and facilitate the experience of unmediated Divinity - we are all    Priestesses of ourselves and our planet.


 * To empower ourselves as responsible co-creators, living gracefully and joyfully.


 * To accept and welcome the diversity of Spiritual Practise and cultural backgrounds.


* To promote a return to the Singing Wisdom and core values of respect and understanding for all living things.



* To honour ourselves by means of creative ritual and sacred intent. 


On this website you will find:

* Information and Resources for remembering and learning about the Divine Feminine

* Information about Priestess Training and Righteous Codes of Living

* Lifestyle Products


Blessed be

August 3rd 2009 /  LIVE ONLINE November 25th 2009



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